in Saarbrücken was established in 1990 as part of general developments towards the institutionalisation of the women`s movement. Initially a project without means but lots of enthusiasm and feminist research competence, supported by a German job creation scheme, it evolved into a highly esteemed specialized library and women`s studies documentation center. Through public funding by the regional government and the city of Saarbrücken, it was possible to build up a collection of 11.000 books, a database with 25.000 indexed documents (as of March 2003), 85 meters of shelving with grey materials, highly-trained employees and professional contacts to more than 40 similar institutions on a national and international level.

The Women`s Library sees herself as part of a movement
facilitating the dialogue between feminist research/Women`s Studies and the women`s movement, as well as between feminist academia and feminist professionals and the public. Literature on women`s studies in general as well as fictional works by female authors are collected, systematized and thereby made accessible to the public.

The Women`s Library offers literature on the following topics:
women`s movement, herstory, feminism, women`s studies, lesbian women, politics, women`s work, careers, culture and art, violence against women, law, social sciences, natural sciences, further education, lifestyles, socialisation, girls, older women, media, language, women`s bodies, sexuality.
We also offer international fiction (novels, poetry, detective novels, cartoons) exclusively by women authors.

The resource section of the Women`s Library contains:
reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, women`s journals and newspapers, feminist professional journals, audiovisual material, women`s movies (video) and general archival material (posters, flyers, buttons).

is a continually up-dated media collection, containing newspaper clippings of regional and national media as well as grey materials of various origins (publications of governments, unions, universities, research institutions etc.)

The Regional Archives of the Women`s Library
develop as collective memory of women in the border province of Saarland. They collect documents on the herstory and present situation of women and the regional women`s movement. A joint project with the Equal Opportunities Commission of the city of Saarbrücken traces women`s lives and fights in this area and features a number of extensive publications on regional women`s history as well as guided city tours tracing the lives of famous and unknown women in Saarbrücken.

The Women`s Library information services
offer information on most women`s issues as well as specialized electronic topics on feminist /women-oriented research for professional needs. Research can be conducted in the database of the Women`s Library as well as in other/also foreign databases via the Internet. We help journalists, teachers, politicians, students, researchers, historians and avid readers to find the specific literature/information on women`s issues they need.

In the „books & coffee corner“
visitors are invited to have a cup of coffee while leafing through current feminist magazines or having a chat with other visitors. In the evenings the space is available for public functions and group meetings.

The Women`s Library
organizes public functions on feminist issues: lectures, readings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions.

The Women`s Library`s
own newsletter is published monthly and covers information on the activities of the library.

The Women`s Library is open
Tuesday 10 am – 5 pm, Wednesday 10 am – 2 pm, Thursday 2 pm – 7 pm, Friday 10 am – 2 pm. There are quiet areas to read and study, a fotocopier/scanner, a section with the latest feminist journals. Public Internet access is available.

The Women`s Library needs your support!
Part of our funding derives from public sources. Membership fees and research charges add to the budget. But this only covers approximately two-thirds of our expenses. Therefore we require further support by means of private sponsoring.

If you would like to support the Women`s Library:

  • You may become a member of the association „frauenbibliothek e.V.“
  • You may become an official sponsor
  • You may contribute books or donate a subscription

Please make donations to:
frauenbibliothek e.V.
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Persons to turn to:
Dr. Annette Keinhorst
Margarethe Kees

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